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Amarnath Yatra 2015

Occasion: Amarnath Yatra

Location: Jammu and Kashmir

Best Time to visit: June- July

Famous Attraction: The snow clad shrine of the Lord Shiva within the lovely northern India of Jammu and Kashmir

Excursion Trip: Jammu and Kashmir, Vaishno Devi, Pahalgam, Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Leh/Ladakh, Kargil.

The Trip to Amarnath Yatra is that the well known yatra that's dedicated to the Lord Shiva or Mahadev that is found at the peak of the around four thousand kms, on the mountain of Amarnath within the Jammu and kashmir. The Yatra of Amarnath is trendy within the pilgrimage for the Hindus. The Amarnath Yatra starts once a year surrounding the month of June and July that's throughout the pageant of Sharavan Mela.

There are several mythological stories are coupled up with the Amarnath Yatra. in line with the tales of Amarnath, it's aforesaid that it's here within the cave of Amarnath Lord Shiva has disclosed the secrets of immortality to his wife Parvati and so the place has been named as Amareshwar. Amarnath Yatra attracts several tourists from not solely in india however from everywhere the globe. Tourists are principally attracted by the darshan of ice shiva linga in conjunction with the formation of 2 different ice formations that represents Shri ganesha and Mata Parvati.

Amarnath Yatra is organized once a year by the Jammu and kashmir government throughout the month of Sharavan (July to August). It’s placed at the peak of 14,500 foot and it's packed with enthusiasm and thrill. The place is encircled by the cave and prayers are performed before the Shiva Linga.

The climate of the place is awfully uncertain. Downfall and Rain will come back anytime, at anywhere throughout the yatra. The temperature will fall up to -5 degree C. there's no prediction of rain, sunny weather will become rain at any time.

Significance of Amarnath Cave:
This is the cave that's chosen by Lord Shiva for explaining the key behind immortality and therefore the creation of the universe to his wife Parvati. Mata Parvati has insisted to talk the key behind the immortality. He was in search of the lonely cave wherever no living being may listen it. He selected the Amaranth cave. Throughout this he left his Nandi (the bull that he drives) at Pahalgam. Lord Shiva has left 5 components (Earth, Water, Air, fire and Sky) that make the living being.

Discovery of Holy Cave:
The story was narrated by the folks concerning the Holy Cave is of a Gujjar (shepherd) Buta leader WHO has given the credit for the invention for the invention of the holy cave. The story of the invention of Amarnath cave goes on sort of a saint named Buta leader gave a bag packed with coal. On reaching home once he opened the bag it absolutely was packed with gold coins. That created him excited and happy. He ran to impart the saint. However once he gone back the saint was disappeared. Rather than that he found the holy shiv symbol in this cave. He then declared for the invention to the Holy Amarnath cave.

Things to do:
Trekking within the Amarnath may be a thrilling expertise for the devotees WHO came to go to the Amarnath from not solely in India however additionally from the devotees from around the globe. The place is situated at the slender gorge and therefore the farther finish of the Lidder vale at around 3,888 meters on top of the ocean level. The Amarnath Cave is found at approx forty five kilometer from Pahalgam and is 141 kilometer from Srinagar. The Amarnath Yatra trekking is taken into account because the most sacred and most ancient trek of the country. The extending of the Amarnath Cave is high and shallow.

Do's and Don’ts for the pilgrims:
Those who aren't mentally or physically work should not choose the Yatra because it involves the traveling to the altitude of 14,000 ft.

The devotees WHO are going for the Amarnath Yatra should additionally carry the woolen which might embody sweaters, woolen body heaters, trousers, monkey caps, mufflers, and different cold fighting attire

A traveler should additionally carry the eatable stocks like biscuit, sugar, candies, chocolate, different dry fruits, powdered milk, honey, pickles, and canned foods.
Ration foods and fuel should even be carried that is offered to on the way and may be purchased.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited within the space.

Don't overstrain on steep gradients.

Don't relax at places wherever warning signs are fastened.

Don't break traffic discipline.

Do not pay additional to any of the employed services that the costs are fastened.

How to reach Amarnath Yatra?

Air: the closest airport for visiting Amarnath Yatra is Srinagar. Srinagar is that the most lovely vale that has the globe celebrated sites like dal lake, Nagina Lake, Shankaracharya temple, Mughal Gardens, etc. so the place is termed because the 'Paradise on Earth'. There are daily flights to Srinagar from Delhi and Jammu. On some week days flights additionally pickup passengers from Chandigarh and Amritsar.

Rail: Jammu is that the nearest train station to the place. Jammu is that the lovely place that is understood because the winter capital of the state. And is additionally called the 'city of temples'. It’s well connected with all stations of India.

Road: Jammu and Srinagar are connected through road. Buses and Taxis are obtainable for this a part of the journey .These are often employed on daily still as full tour basis.

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Amarnath Yatra By Helicopter With Srinagar, Gulmarg & Pahalgam

6 Nights / 7 Days

Journey by helicopter to Amarnathji is AN exhilarating experience and it commences together with your arrival at Srinagar airport. At the moment you're transferred to Sonmarg. On your reaching you're created to check within the hotel and you're liberated to relax or visit Thajewas glacier. For one night you're created to remain in Sonmarg.

Day 02: Yatra to Amarnath & come back to Srinagar.
On the second day we have a tendency to create to go away for the Holy Cave by helicopter from Baltal Helipad. The helicopter commences its journey at 6 o clock. The darshan takes nearly one hour and special passes are created to convey precedence to individuals travel by helicopter.

Day 03: Srinagar
On the third day when breakfast we have a tendency to created to go to the Mughal Gardens, Chashmi-e Shahi Nishat (The Garden of happiness) & Shalimar Bagh (dwelling of Love). Within the middle of the afternoon we have a tendency to taken on a Shikara ride to the attractive dekalitre Lake.After that we have a tendency to are given a option to either keep within the hotel or houseboat.

Day 04: Srinagar/Gulmarg (56 Kms)
On the fourth day of our trip we have a tendency to created to transfer to Gulmarg when breakfast. On reaching that place we have a tendency to create to arrival at the hotel. when lunch we have a tendency to are on our own and may either relish a pony ride or also show pride in a very Gondola ride that's the compartment that takes you to Khilanmarg. Dinner is provided at the hotel with an evening keep.

Day 05:
On the fifth day when breakfast we have a tendency to transferred by automobile to Pahalgam. When lunch time we have a tendency to liberated to do no matter we have a tendency to desire. Dinner is provided within the building and through the night we have a tendency to be at the hotel.

Day 06: Pahalgam
After breakfast the day is free for leisure. We are able to opt for walks and revel in the attractive weather besides the watercourse or opt for a pony ride to at least one of the numerous well-favored spots around Pahalgam. Dinner is served inside the hotel premises.

Day 07:
On the seventh day we have a tendency to transferred by automobile to the Srinagar airport

The helicopter journey may be off if the weather is unhealthy or thanks to another inevitable circumstances and also the authorities cannot be command accountable for any sort of loss. Then the passengers are offered to require the flight future day and just in case the weather is unhealthy unceasingly for days then they're allowed to own refund for the fare solely.

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Kailash Mansarovar Yatra A Divine Experience

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is popular all over world for it religious significance, cultural importance and arduous nature. The journey through the high altitudes in chilling temperature entails hard labor and risks. Pilgrims from all over the world overlook the conditions and with full faith and devotion visit the shrine to experience the bliss of nature. Although this journey includes trekking at high altitudes to up to 19,500 feet under unfavorable conditions, involving cold and rugged terrain. Only medically and physically fit people are offered Kailash mansarovar yatra packages that are incapable of Kailash journey. 

Religious Significance

Hindus complements Kailash as the earthly appearance of Mt. Meru. Mt. Meru is located in heaven, As per Hindu mythology. Whoever comes to Kailash is cleaned of his guilt. Visiting the Mansarovar Lake is also an element of the expedition. Mansarovar Lake, located at an altitude of 14,950 ft is said to be the chief freshwater lake in the world.

Pilgrims taking a sacred bath in the lake are assured of reaching Lord Brahma’s heaven and a drink of its holy water cleaning the evils of a hundred lives.

keeping the tough nature of the Journey in account, only those who are substantially fit should assign. An aspirant should not endure medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and other medical problems. Pilgrims will be selected through a computerized election procedure.

Chosen persons will be acquainted about their insertion in a particular batch 3-4 weeks prior to their planned departure. Selected Pilgrims are required to assemble three to four days before the start of the crusade.

Pilgrims can entitle for the journey only after passing two sets of medical examinations. It will be executed at Gunji after five days of the Yatra when the yatris have escalated about 3500 meters. Pilgrims found medically unfit at Gunji will not be approved to continue the Journey. 

Tibet is a dehydrated and cool provincial. Summing to that the climate settings can surrogate promptly and it is a commendable pilgrim remains prepared for the unfavorable conditions. All along June, July, August to September, days are gracious and quite mild with temperature flickering between 15 and 20 degree Celsius. Afternoon can get stormy. Morning and evening will be frosty and mercury could flutter between minus 2 to 0 degree Celsius.
It is unlikely dilemma other than shortness of breath and less energy will be caused because of peak. Altitude sickness is unpredictable.
Atmosphere is very unpredictable in the steep Himalayas. Pilgrims will have to be able to deal with one and the other acme of climate in the course of the crusade. They will have to confront hot sun when hiking through lower foothills to frigid temperatures at night while campaign in high channels.
Pilgrims will have to uniform proportionate layers of clothes for safeguard from the near frosty temperatures. People mostly wear many sweaters and T-shirts and pants, besides thermal jackets, scarves, several pairs of jumpers while performing the parikrama. Monsoon clothes like rain coats are also necessary for the journey.
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Vaishno Devi Yatra- Faithful Places for Devotees

Hindus celebrate several fairs and festival to create the god happy and get their blessings in several forms. They keep quick to pay tribute to god. They conjointly visit standard pilgrim spots and shrines to urge the Darshan. Vaishno Devi Temple is one among the holiest temples for Hindus. All folks wish to go to the temple once.

Vaishno Devi is found within the hills of Jammu & kashmir. The exact location is close to Katra city in Reasi district of Jammu and kashmir. The temple is dedicated to Shakti, Vaishno Devi also referred to as Mata Rani and Vaishnavi. Its second most visited religious places in India. It’s believed that Mata Rani fulfills something and everything that an individual desires for in life in an exceedingly righteous approach. It’s one among the foremost revered places of worship in northern India. The temple is found at an altitude over 5000 feet. People ought to cowl an approximate distance of fourteen clicks to achieve the temple.

There is attention-grabbing story behind the recognition of this temple. A selfish saint, Bhairav Nath was attempting to kill Mata Rani to urge salvation. Whereas escaping from Bhairav Nath, Mata Rani shot Associate in nursing arrow into the world from that water flooded out. This resulted in formation of a stream referred to as Baanganga. It’s believed that taking tub within the stream wash away all sins. She conjointly took shelter within the concrete cave coated with ice to flee from him and took meditation for power and knowledge. It’s necessary to go to this cave before continuing to main cave. Ultimately Mata got the finish and cut the bone of the Bhairav that felt at two. 5 klick higher than the most shrines. At the time Bhairav was going to die, he pleaded Mata for salvation. Mata granted him liberation beside granted him a boon. She told that each follower had to go to Bhairav Nath temple for completion of journey. Since then Vaishno Devi Temple beside Adhkawari and Bhairav Nath Temple became holiest Hindu journey Tours. Regarding eight million pilgrims visit the temple each year.

Mata Vaishno Devi Tour Package represents the collective energies of the 3 main goddesses of the Hindu religion: Lakshmi, Kali and Saraswati. Mata Vaishno Devi take the shape of a fill who spent her days in divine reflection at the bottom of the Trikuta Mountain, therefore empowering herself with nice spiritual powers. The following series of events, it's typically united, took place around 700 years ago.

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Relish The Fairy Tale Beginning With Honeymoon In Mauritius

A fascinating island full of serene ambiance, bright white sand beaches and the continent of sun and fun- that’s what characterizes Mauritius! Visit the island and spend some of the undreamt moments of your life or begin your married life with Mauritius honeymoon package. There is no hesitation that Mauritius is a heaven where you can enjoy different kind of fun activities, alluring water sports and gratify your shopping appetite. 

Explore the heavenly island

Mauritius, a shimmering island in the aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean, will instantly mesmerize you. The perfect combination of food, traditions and lifestyle, the place is so delightful that it will instantly set the tone to enjoy thrilling Mauritius holidays. You will be equipped with the ideal opportunity to enjoy a unique mix of leisure and fun which will definitely gladden your mind and soul. Mauritius tour packages offer few of the most entertaining experiences which will attract you to return to the magnificent island time and again. 

Unending amusement and fun
The fun and entertainment never ends and your Mauritius holidays will prove to be a bundle full of beautiful surprises. There is nothing more appealing than booking Mauritius honeymoon packages and roaming along the Mauritius white beaches with your soul mate. The hypnotizing lagoon and the seductive marine life will flicker your soul with energy and its sheer charm will simply bewitch you. As the night is about to set, the trendy bars and the restaurants comes to life and excites you. When you feel exhausted after trekking or mountain climbing, just a chilled and refreshing drink at a local pub will instantly rejuvenate your senses. 

Enjoy the beauty of nature 
Mauritius is appropriately called as a jewel on the Indian Ocean and nothing can be more astonishing than spending your honeymoon there. With different varieties of Mauritius honeymoon packages at your disposition, you get the benefit to analyze their facilities, the luxuries they offer and their prices. If you are more an adventurous person you can go for Mauritius tour packages which include exciting cruises, adventure sports and other activities. Or if you prefer serenity and peace, you can book packages where you can spend Mauritius holidays relaxing in the glory of the sun and walking along the beautiful beaches. You will feel like you are the cast from a story tale and you can enjoy the extreme luxuries in Mauritius. 

Mauritius holidays will never deceive and you can add the magnificent experience in your memory store to recollect and smile in future!

Mauritius beaches are by far the foremost terminal for honeymoon couples. The beaches are glorious and superbly encircled with swaying palm trees. Couples like to dive in the azure cool water and rejuvenate and sunbathe on the gleaming silver beaches. Seafaring adventurers revel in distinct water sport activities which lend to a fun filled vacation. Summing to it, no beach honeymoon is complete without a candle lite dinner on the beach. There is no lack of romance on a Mauritius Honeymoon Packages.

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Tashkent Tour A Memorable Crusade

Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan's biggest city whose population is about 2,400,000 is also Central Asia's biggest city and its important transportation hub. At recent times, Tashkent is one of the most necessary business hubs in Central Asia. Modern Tashkent is one of the best tourist destinations in Asia, and its architecture is exclusive, the generosity and friendliness of Tashkent natives is appreciable. 

The city is more than 2200 years primitive, and has changed from a small ancient settlement to the one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the region. Tashkent tour packages are always in demand due to its rich history. Many noteworthy events, twain in peace and war, have taken place during the antiquity of Tashkent, which includes many periods of growth and downturn. The city is host to Embassies and consulates of several countries across the globe, and is popular amidst the travelers as a great destination to stay and arrange visa and trips all over the region. Tashkent is situated right on the border with Kazakhstan and also is famous as the main "gates of the Orient" on international air ways from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China till Europe. 

The Tashkent Metro at present the exclusive subway in Central Asia is beautifully designed in a unique, monumental Uzbek-Soviet design. It is never overpopulated, and the convenient and cheapest way to quickly transit the city. Tashkent is simply bursting with interesting museums, ancient historical places, lush gardens, and a diverse variety of high quality hotels, joints and shops.

The city of Tashkent is placed within Tashkent Area, which is placed in the far northeastern part of Uzbekistan, near the boundary with Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Its area canvases 15,300 sq km. The majorities are Uzbeks, but more than 90 other countrymen also stay here. The total population density is around 146 persons per sq. km. 

The Tashkent Region dwells of 15 districts, 16 towns comprising 17 settlement and 147 kishlak (villages) cabinets. It is located between the western slopes of the Tien Shan Hills and the Syrdarya River. The Tashkent Region is ranked second in Uzbekistan in industrial growth. Over 260 enterprises which represent 160 industrial branches harvest twenty percent of the country's overall output. Principal industries are power production, mechanical manufacturing, metallurgy, chemical engineering, garments, foot wears, and cotton production and agricultural harvesting. Tashkent Tour Package from Delhi is witnessing an increased interest of tourists taking the bookings of travelers into account.

Tashkent is a city which is popular for its unique valuable architectural heritage sites. There are many alluring monuments which have been conserved from the Middle Ages; monuments of 19th century erected by the architects such as A. Benoua and A. Makarov as per the European customs; commanding Soviet era administrative and apartment architecture; and modern artifacts which combine the latest architectural accomplishments with national style, local picturesque decoration and Asian architectural customs.

Zangi-Ata's mausoleum was made by Amir Temur in 1397. It is the most primitive surviving example of a Timurid design in Tashkent. Also at the premices is a madrasah, a graveyard and a smaller mausoleum to Zangi-Ata's spouse and mother in law, the Anbar Ona Bibi mausoleum. For Central Asian Moslems site Zangi-Ata is one of three locations for their Hadj, or life pilgrimage.

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Tirupati Balaji A Heartfelt Journey

There is equivalent classical and epigraphic data to the history of the shrine of Lord Sri Venkateswara. All the extreme kingdoms of kings of the southern peninsula have offered revenue and valuable gifts to Lord Sri Venkateswara in this ancient temple. Few of them who are still well known are the Pallavas of Kancheepuram (9th century AD), Cholas of the Thanjavur (a centenary later), Pandyas of Madurai, and the kings and headmen of Vijayanagar from14th to 15th century AD were worshippers of the Lord and they challenged each other in empowering the shrine with rich gifts and contributions.
It was while the Vijayanagar kingdom that the revenues of the temple increased. Krishnadevaraya had idols of himself and his consorts equipped at the portals of the shrine and these idols are still in existence. There is also an idol of Venkatapati Raya in the main shrine. After the slump of the Vijayanagar kingdom, aristocrats and headmen from all portion of the country sustained to pay their revenue and offer gifts to the shrine. The Maratha general whose name was Raghoji Bhonsle used to visit the shrine and later set up fixed revenue for the conduct of prayers in the shrine. He also gifted valuable jewels and precious gifts to the God which also included a large emerald which is still safeguarded in a box termed after the General. Amidst the later kings who have paid large amounts are the kings of Mysore and Gadwal. After the decline of the Hindu Dynasty, the Muslim kings of Karnataka and then the Britishers took control and many of the shrines came under their supervisory and protective authority. During 1843 AD, the East India Company deprived itself of the straight management of non-Christian sites of worship and local religious places. The authority of the temple of Sri Venkateswara and several estates were then assigned to Sri Seva Dossji from the Hatiramji Mutt at Tirumala, and the temple continued to be under the supervision of the Mahants for about a century, until 1933 AD. During 1933, the Madras Legislature passed an exclusive act, which authorized the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Organistion to control and manage a fixed group of shrines in the Tirumala-Tirupati area, through a Commissioner chosen by the Government of Madras.
Sri Venkatachala Mahatmya is mentioned to in several Vedas, of which the most essential are the Varaha Purana and the Bhavishyottara Purana. Most of these extracts recount the divinity and history of the hills surrounding Tirumala and the several teerthams placed on them.
Popularity of the shrine

The shrine attracts nearly 75,000 devotees each day due to its divinity and faith of pilgrims. Tirupatibalaji Darshan Booking is also a factor of increasing number of pilgrims. Non profit trusts are set up whose funds are arranged from the budget and donations from the pilgrims. The acceptance of the shrine can be guessed by its annual budget. The annual income is approximately around INR 10 billion in 2008. Most of its income is borrowed from the contributions in SriVari Hundi.

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